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Trauma-Focused Therapy

At National Therapeutic Alliance, our mission is to guide trauma survivors through a healing journey towards a fulfilling life, restoring their self-identity. We achieve these transformational results through a Restorative Psychology approach used during individual, couples and family counseling; mental health advocacy and Industrial / Organizational Psychology. In addition to traditional counseling, NTA, consults on restoring balance in the work-place post trauma and engages in regular public speaking engagements to create awareness on mental health.

The mission as a brand is to bring healing to trauma survivors and to give people hope and to show them that living a fulfilled life post trauma is possible.



Speaking Engagements

Heal. Restore. Evolve.

A person can experience trauma, then heal, restore and evolve. Create a newer version of themselves. The counseling experience focuses on restoring the essence of the client. Throughout the therapeutic process a client will be able to develop self-awareness, clarity around their experiences, learn coping skills to elevate / manage trauma symptoms and overall heal from trauma through a series of cognitive and physiological exercises that lead to a balanced nervous system.

“Using the experience from her own issues that she has learn to overcome, it makes her professional therapy sessions feel more personal than other typical therapist. But make no mistake, she is well educated in her field and teaches you how to become aware of some many things and apply several psychological tactics that have stood with me till this day. Because of this, Maggie's professional therapy comes off like a friend giving you their best advice.”

J. V.

“My experience has been terrific. I truly feel this is what I’ve needed after many years of trying to find a good counseling fit. My needs are met and I enjoy each session. I was hesitant at first as I had never previously done anything via tele-med, however I give this platform and Maggie a 10/10. I highly recommend for anyone looking for help.”

C. F.

I would Love to be part of your Journey to a new and improved You.

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