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Margarita C. Donies



I’m a helper, a rescuer, a restorer. I didn’t just land in psychology either. I endured some of my own traumas, healed them and then set off on a mission to bring safety to others. That’s how NTA was born. Once I defined my purpose, I know what role I was going to play in the world. Thus, I set off to work as a trauma therapist with a mission to help people learn how to live a fulfilling life post trauma. I believe in a restorative approach to healing trauma. A combination between mind and body healing which yield more comprehensive results in trauma survivors.

During my 11 years in the field, I have found that taking a slightly more relaxed approach to therapy helps clients feel more comfortable and helps to build rapport. I aim to have my clients feel seen, heard, understood and most importantly safe.

As a trauma therapist I often find that initially clients come with what I call “a messy closet”. I often refer to the “stuff” in the closet as “unfinished business” and the goal is to get to a healthy therapeutic place where the client feels safe to open the closet and begin to sort things out. Often, there are shattered pieces of the self and we also work on restoring those to achieve improved mental health and overall wellbeing. The concept behind my treatment is for my clients to come in with darkness and leave with the light.


Trauma-Focused Therapy

National Therapeutic Alliance is a brand that was created with one word in mind, Alliance. We aim to form alliances with our clients and to help our clients establish alliances with themselves. We believe the healing process starts with the self. That’s why we design a tailored treatment plan focused on restoring the self.

National Therapeutic Alliance values commitment, transparency, empathy, clarity and dedication and we encourage our clients to expect this from themselves. Our mission is to help clients reach a place of healing where they are no longer a victim of their trauma. Rather, they have arrived at a place in their life where they have been able to re-write the narrative and assign purpose to pain.

NTA focused on restoring the individual. Helping our clients heal the trauma through evidenced based methods as well as with the use of a restorative psychology approach. Restoration speaks to the rebuilding of the something towards the way it was. In this case, we look to treat the individual psychologically and physiologically, by combining Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-Focused CBT, Solution Focused Therapy with relaxation techniques as well as Mindfulness training. We aim to restore the nervous system and teach our clients how to create a relaxed muscle body state, to prevent re-traumatization.

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