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THERAPY is a process that starts with the client’s readiness and willingness to create change. After trauma has been experienced this can be an extremely difficult process to embark on. For this reason, our counseling services are based on a client-centered approach that looks to restore the individual as a whole. In counseling, whether it’d be with an individual, couple or family, we are seeking to foster clarity and awareness while maintaining a safe and secure environment in which our clients feel comfortable working on deep rooted issues. As part of our trauma work, we look to restore self-identity. As a trauma survivors, one of the main components that is lost or altered is our identity. There needs to be a process of self-awareness, self-discovery that leads to self-actualization. The awakening and introspection that happens during this process allows the client (s) to redesign the masterpiece.


Therapy in the home is a more traditional approach to therapy that NTA offers. House calls is a more intimate approach to counseling offered to individuals, couple and families. In home therapy offers the client (s) the opportunity to be in the comfort of their home as well.


Has trauma has affected you and now it’s also affecting you in the workplace? When trauma goes untreated it begins to affect other areas of our lives including our businesses. As entrepreneurs we have one thing in common, we put the needs of the company before our own. This can lead us to experience issues with interpersonal relationships in our businesses, which then will affect the workflow and eventually lead to a deficit in our financial productivity.

As a Trauma-Focused treatment practice, NTA identified a need for restoration in the workplace after business owners had experienced trauma. Our consulting is based on an Industrial & Organizational Psychology model, coupled with our Restorative Psychology approach. Our clients can expect a Trauma Therapist with a business background to help them create awareness of their current emotional state, identify the steps needed to heal personally and accompany them on a executive level to restore the overall internal functioning of the company.

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Speaking Engagements

NTA is committed to spreading awareness on mental health to larger audiences. Through public speaking engagements we have begun to create awareness topics such as: Emotional Intelligence, Trauma, Self-Identity, Men & Mental Health, Personal growth and more. Check out our Instagram channel for more

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